Cheers to my BFF's

We have been friends since elementary school: Michelle, Lourdes, Vane, Elena (better known as Monti) and me.  We have been each other's rock through countless situations in life.  It was so easy back when we were in our 20's  to see each other at the beach or at Shannan's (the original on Calle Loiza).  Now it seems so difficult to schedule a dinner as we have to check work schedules, children activities, appointments, and whatever else life throws our way.


These last few times that we've met, it has seemed different.  I feel we're much more honest with each other.  We talk about our struggles and insecurities, our failures and our desires with no fear of judgment.  Maybe this has to do with being in our 50's.  We've seen each other through so many hurdles that there is no need to pretend.  We are who we are and it is what it is.  I am immensely fortunate to have my BFF's in my life. 0889516001654466430.jpg

As three of us went out last Friday night, there was a sense of longing to be together.  Such a simple meeting felt like a much needed escape that we wanted to hold on to.  As we talked and updated each other on what had been going on in our lives, there was pure empathy, no judgment, just unconditional support and understanding.  Although we have always been present in each others lives, our friendship is now at another level.  We're able to question where we're going in life. We wonder if this is it? Is there more? Are we settling? Are we content? Do we still hold past values to be true? What do we stand for? Did we lose our younger selves completely or is there a flicker of them left? Are we where we thought we'd be by now?0657745001654463973.jpg


As we continue to discover who we are during the next decades, I can say we are fortunate enough to have the bond of a sisterhood based on friendship that will continue to grow and evolve.  We have wonderful memories of growing up together.  However, this decade brings the wisdom of lessons learned and the awareness of enjoying the present, with curiosity, without judgment, in mindfulness.  0433440001654468506.jpg

Let's commit to meeting more often, traveling more often, laughing more often, and remembering that we are fortunate to have found such beautiful souls we call BFF's.  Let's continue to be each others anchor as we sail through our journeys.


Cheers to you my dear friends! Here's to the next couple of decades filled with health, love, adventures, and many more stories to add to the chapters of a book that 5 young bright-eyed girls began to write many years ago.  


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